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Timothy Hanusa

(Vanderbilt University, USA)

Tim Hanusa is a native of Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA), and received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Cornell College (Mt. Vernon, Iowa) in 1978. He received his Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry in 1983 from Indiana University, Bloomington, under the direction of Lee J. Todd, where he worked on the synthesis and reactions of icosahedral metalloheteroboranes. After a postdoctoral appointment with William J. Evans at Irvine, California, investigating organolanthanide complexes, he joined the chemistry faculty at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is now Professor of Chemistry. His research has focused on organometallic complexes of the main group elements, particularly the alkali and alkaline-earth metals, and more recently on the mechanochemical synthesis of organometallic compounds from across the periodic table. The mechanochemical studies have examined metal complexes with low coordination numbers, the application of metal solvates as reagents, and the formation of heterometallic compounds for polymerization initiation.