Rakesh Kumar 01

Rakesh Kumar

(India Institute of Technology (IIT – ISM), Dhanbad, India)

Dr. Rakesh Kumar (formerly Chief Scientist and Adviser Management at CSIR-NML, India) initiated and nurtured a programme on mechanical activation and reactivity of solids with emphasis on minerals and wastes from metallurgical/allied industries. This programme spanning over two decades resulted in significant fundamental knowledge and technological innovations. Dr. Kumar was the coordinator for INCOME2008 at Jamshedpur (India). Currently, he is a visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT(ISM), Dhanbad. His teaching includes courses on Mechanochemistry and Interfacial Phenomena. He is a member of the Materials and Engineering subgroup of International Bilateral Collaboration Division (IBCD-DST, Government of India). He is also a Key Reader for Metallurgical and Materials Transaction B (published by Springer on behalf of TMS and ASM International).